Paintbrushes and hammers Children’s Museum hosts family event |

Paintbrushes and hammers Children’s Museum hosts family event

Photos by Wheeler Cowperthwaite / Nevada AppealTempess Hagens, 7, paints a picture frame she assembled for her mother’s birthday.

Tempess Hagens’ intentions are nothing but pure and her sensibilities are well above her age.The 7-year-old built and painted a picture frame Saturday at a workshop hosted by Home Depot. After it had dried, Tempess attached small, shiny doo-dads.But this frame isn’t for her dad. Tempess made it for her mother’s birthday and was mindful of the fact her mother’s favorite colors are blue and red.“She likes blue and red,” she said.And what to fill the frame?“Probably a picture of me,” she said.Although Hagens is adept at painting, it was her first time hammering, although she did a fine job.“The hammer is good,” she said. But, “it’s when you get to paint.” Hagens’ picture frame was part of a free workshop put on by the Home Depot at the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada on North Carson Street.Anthony Strande, 5, said he normally likes to make the free picture frames but chose to do a bulletin board this time, his 12th.“We’ve been doing it for around a year,” Anthony’s father, Gordon Strande, said.Anthony’s favorite part of the project? Painting. His favorite color? Green.Once Anthony finished painting three of the sides he gave it to his dad to hold while it dried, so he could go play in the museum.“It’s a good way to spend part of a Saturday,” Gordon said.Gordon Strande normally takes his son and daughter, Hannah, 14, to the workshops, which are normally the first Saturday of the month at Home Depot.Anthony moved from the bulletin board to a set of coasters and their holder. His dad lightly pressed the nail in then let Anthony pound away.The workshop had a total of 42 participants, according to Home Depot Kids Clinic Captain Katie Miller.