Pair arrested on suspicion of selling meth to agents |

Pair arrested on suspicion of selling meth to agents

The Carson City Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Team arrested two men Friday on suspicion of selling methamphetamine to agents.

Charles William Jameson and Gregory Modugno both are being held on a series of felony charges.

According to their arrest reports:

An informant told deputies he knew someone who would sell them the drug. They set up a purchase in the area of Long Street and Rand Avenue at 12:30 p.m. The informant gave the purchase money to Modugno in the Wallgreen’s parking lot.

Detectives watched him get into a car with Jamison. A woman later identified as Jamison’s daughter came out of the store and drove the vehicle north across William Street, then east on Long Street before stopping. Gregory got out, and gave the informant the drug.

Modugno and Jamison were arrested. The daughter, detectives said, had arrived from Florida the day before. She was inside the store during the transaction and not aware her father was involved in a drug deal. She was released.

Jamison was charged with felony drug sales, possession and conspiracy to violate the Controlled Substances Act. He also was charged with trafficking within 1,000 feet of Carson High School and possession of dangerous drugs without a prescription after several prescription pills were found in his possession. Finally, he was charged with possession of an unlawful dangerous weapon — a rock hammer modified to act like a set of brass knuckles.

His total bail is $57,500.

Modugno was charged with felony drug sales, possession, conspiracy and trafficking near the high school.

Total bail in his case is $52,500.