Panel kills bill to erase Nevada’s motorcycle helmet law |

Panel kills bill to erase Nevada’s motorcycle helmet law

Associated Press

A bill to erase Nevada’s law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets died Thursday in the Senate Transportation Committee.

SB274, proposed by Transportation Chairman Ray Shaffer, R-North Las Vegas, got only three votes when it came up for approval. Four panel members voted “no.”

Sen. Dennis Nolan, R-Las Vegas, told other Transportation Committee members that after 15 years of working as a paramedic and a deputy coroner he’s convinced helmets are needed.

Nolan added he had nothing against motorcyclists, and just wanted them to “keep your gray matter right where it is — right between your ears.”

The panel also amended and approved SB480, to let Nevada police pull over drivers solely because they aren’t wearing seat belts. That’s currently not allowed under state law. Not wearing a belt is termed a secondary offense.

“This is a law that will save lives,” said Nolan.

Transportation member Mark Amodei, R-Carson City, offered an amendment to first require the state insurance commissioner to make findings about the benefits of seat belt use.

Amodei said the findings could be used to roll back insurance rates for Nevada drivers.