Parks 4 Paws offers Pooch Plunge at aquatic center |

Parks 4 Paws offers Pooch Plunge at aquatic center

Sandi Hoover

There is little a lab won’t do for water, and a Carson City group is offering a day of fun Saturday for dogs of all shapes and sizes, colors and breeds.

For the second year, Parks 4 Paws has worked with the Carson City Aquatic Center to open its doors to the dogs of Carson City for a Pooch Plunge.

Last year’s event was a big splash, with dozens of dogs taking the plunge, and organizers are hoping this year will be even bigger.

The event is Saturday, and three swim sessions are being offered – at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the outdoor pool at 841 N. Roop St.

Residents are invited to bring their furry canine friends for the pool party. Not only will there be three sessions, there also will be a dog-themed fair featuring local vendors and artists.

Parks 4 Paws is a nonprofit community working on establishing designated dog parks in Carson City. It will split the revenue with the community pool.

Cost is $8 for the first dog and $5 for each additional dog per session.

The following rules apply during the Pooch Plunge:

1. One dog per human handler. Each dog must have a registration form filled out; forms available at event.

2. All dogs must have proof of current vaccinations (rabies, distemper, and parvo virus), bordatella is recommended. Your veterinarian can provide this to you.

3. Dogs must be at least 6 months old.

4. Your dog may be released from their leash upon entering the pool deck area.

5. Please do not trim your dog’s nails prior to attending due to sharpness after trims.

6. Your dog must remain under your control at all times. Know your dog’s personality. If he/she is acting aggressively, you and your dog will be escorted from the event.

7. Please be sure your dog has been exposed to swimming. Some dogs swim well, some don’t. If not, he/she may become afraid or aggressive.

8. Female dogs in season are not allowed.

9. Do not bring dogs that have health conditions that may endanger themselves or others.

10. Humans are not allowed in the pool.

11. Outside food or drinks – pet or human – are not allowed in the pool area

As a group, Parks 4 Paws has been raising funds for the past three years to pay for items such as fencing and shade structures, and working in conjunction with Carson City’s Parks & Recreation Department.

“It’s hard to say who had a better time last year – the dogs or their owners,” said Ilona Strull, Parks 4 Paws chairwoman.

For more information, call Strull at 721-4931.

Visit for more information about the group.