Parole commissioners meet to review sex offenders |

Parole commissioners meet to review sex offenders

by staff

The Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners meets Jan. 14 to vote on rules for the process of setting up lifetime supervision for paroled sex offenders.

The Nevada Legislature voted to require that sex offenders who are in any way likely to repeat be monitored for life once they are paroled from prison.

The proposed administrative regulations would begin the process of setting up the lifetime supervision provisions at least 120 days before the inmate’s scheduled release from prison.

The parole commission would hold a hearing to establish the conditions of lifetime supervision. The regulations give the parole commission authority over those conditions as well as the power to modify parole conditions for sex offenders.

The Legislature has approved a process for handling sex offenders even after they are released from prison, including monitoring them for life when necessary. That requirement, however, has no known cost even though monitoring is expensive. Officials say they don’t know how many offenders will be ordered to remain under supervision once released and how many of them will be returned to the board for some violation of the conditions of their parole.