Past Headlines 10/13/06 |

Past Headlines 10/13/06

Eye of 59-year Carson City newsman closes

Nevada Appeal columnist Bill Dolan dies at 83

You’ll find about six inches of white space on page A6 of today’s Nevada Appeal. It has been left blank intentionally to mark the death of Bill Dolan, who has filled the space with “Past Pages” for 59 years.

The empty space is a visual mark representing the void left in the hearts of his family and those of us in his extended newspaper family, who learned of his death Thursday.

We have columns from Bill that we could use, and his son and daughter will continue the column he began writing as a journalism student at the University of Nevada in 1947. But he will be missed.

Each week, he would come into the offices of the Appeal with his pages in hand, stopping just long enough to share a tidbit of history he’d gathered that day and shuffle out.