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Bill Dolan

120 years ago

Editorial head, “Make Definite Charges”: “The defense made by the Board of Asylum Commissioners on the street is that the Nevada Press Association attempted to blackmail the board. Failing to do this, the association is now receiving money from the friends of Dr. Dawson to defend him, … If there was ever any promise or intimation of a fee or reward for such defense, he is a deliberate and malicious liar. “

100 years ago

Indian basketry demands public attention. One of the best descriptive articles to appear on this coast about basketry appears is in the April number of “Out West.” It gives particular emphasis on Washoe and Paiute Indian workers and has a half-tone photo of Dat-So-La-Lee, the most celebrated basketweaver of the Washoes.

70 years ago

Abe Riley was recovering from an appendicitis operation in St. Mary’s Hospital in Reno. It was discovered his appendix had burst and a gangrenous condition had set in.

50 years ago

The Leisure Hour Club tonight presents a one-act satire of women in politics titled “Madame President,” written and directed by Mrs. Jack Douglass, president of the 20th Century Club of Reno. The play has been presented several times there.

20 years ago

The father who has refused to return library books to Seeliger Elementary School because he objects to their subject matter will appear before the school board Tuesday.

10 years ago

“The Northern Connection — from Russia and Sweden to North America with Steam” is the topic of the Nevada State Railroad Museums’ free April program. Guest speaker is Don Shapiro, founding partner in “Encounter Steam.”

Bill Dolan, a Carson City resident, has been writing this column for the Nevada Appeal since 1947.