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130 Years Ago

Cool boy: A Carson boy went to the menagerie and seeing the camel, became possessed with investigating the geological formation of the animal’s foot … When he lifted it to his eye, the animal kicked the boy under the cage where a boa constrictor was swallowing a cat. The boy jumped up and said, “I thought I would come over here and see what sort of seasoning the snake uses when it eats tom cats.”

120 Years Ago

Mighty wind: An enormous meteor passed over Ballard, California … It was so close that he sounded like a mighty wind. It looked as if the heavens were on fire and fifteen seconds after that an intense explosion shook the air.

70 Years Ago

Rationing: The Ormsby county war price and rationing board authorized purchase of tires and tubes as follows: New passenger car tires — Arthur Suverkrup, new passenger car tubes — Chloe Harnem, Annie Wilson, Clarence Headrick …

50 Years Ago

Fire: Fire swept through Tonopah leaving the town in Shambles … The case of the blaze was not determined. “Fire broke out about 9 p.m.,” said Gerald Roberts of the Tonopah Times … “Suddenly the whole west side of main street (U.S. 95) seemed to be ablaze.”

30 Years Ago

“Advertisement: Luxury Theatres ‘Gandi,’ ‘The Man from Snowy River,’ ‘Tootsie’…”

10 Years Ago

Photo caption: Volunteer surveyors from Resource Concepts of Carson City determine the ‘squareness’ of the original ‘C’ Hill flag foundation to prepare for replacing the monument destroyed by a powerful windstorm in December.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.