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Past pages

by Sue Ballew

130 Years

Yesterday a southern state brought up seven bars of bullion, four from Bodie and three from the Comanche mine, three bars from the Bodie mine, and consigned to the Carson Mint, were valued at $27,404.86; and from the Standard and tagged for the Bank of California, San Francisco was stamped $19,014.16, and the three Comanche bars were of the value of $2,996.

110 Years

Reinhold Sadler Ð One does not have to bow to a king on a pedestal to ask a favor of Reinhold Sadler. He stands alike to the man in the street and the banker in the counting room, and hears impartially the wants of all. He is ever ready to listen to the voice of reason. Many a still vote will fall to Reinhold Sadler on election day. He has been the miner’s friend and the rancher’s and they are the bone and sinew of the state. When the storm of the campaign is over and we stand beneath the clear November sky it will be found their votes were cast for Reinhold Sadler for governor for another four years Ð Lovelock Tribune

70 Years Ago

The moon is staging a come back as a recognized controller of events on earth. McGill University scientists declare that recent research work has disclosed that the moon is the trigger which sets off earthquakes, and effects man’s destinies in many other ways, apart from being an agent in romance.

50 Years Ago

Senators play Buckaroos in Winnemucca Ð Carson City Senators will meet with their toughest opponents of the season. Expected to start in the line against the Buckaroos are ends Tim and Mike Griffin, tackles Pat Bacon and Keith Long, guards Ronnie Hayes and LeRoy Rupert or Ken Clayton and center Corky Smith. Starting in the backfield will be Kirk Kinne, quarterback; Ross deLipkau and Dave Lippincott.

20 Years Ago

Kristen Lobert, 15 year old daughter of Christine Lobert of Carson City and Douglas Lobert of Minden, was crowned the new 1988 Nevada Miss T.E.E.N.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.