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Past pages

by Trent Dolan

130 Years Ago

Captain John, Chief of the Big Meadows Piutes, is an enterprising Indian, who adopts almost as many methods of making money as his pale faced brethren. At present he is engaged in the waterfowl business. He disposes of the fowls along the Central Pacific Railroad, and in reality has a monopoly on the business because the white man has to pay fare and freight, when he does not. He is going as far as Eureka with bags of game.

110 Years Ago

For Sale. The elegant Olcovich residence, built on four lots of ground, situated one block from the post office ” very beautiful location in a desirable neighborhood ” offered for sale cash, together with the furnishings, stock square piano, sewing machine, etc. Also for sale the building with the barber shop and Nevada Business College is located. Inquire of Mrs. H. Olcovich.

70 Years Ago

The members of Carson Lodge No. 1 Free and Accepted Masons, have announced ladies night for this evening. The program will be: “America,” sung by all present; remarks, Chester L. Cochran, W.M.; motion pictures that have been taken by Merwyn Brown, past grand master; vocal selection, Mrs. Norman C. Brown; vocal selection, Jose de Larlos; motion pictures taken by Ed. C. Peterson, past grand master and refreshments.

50 Years Ago

Firemen were called to a spectacular fire to the west of Winters Ranch (Scripps Ranch) in Washoe Valley when an arsonist set 500 cords of slabs on fire. Fire crews from Warren Engine, Washoe County, Sparks, BLM and state prison fire crews were able to put the fire down by covering it with dirt.

20 Years Ago

Carson-Tahoe Hospital is reviewed by the state Department of Human Resources as one of the cheapest places to be hospitalized in the state.

10 Years Ago

Gov. Kenny Guinn selects Assemblyman Pete Ernaut, 34, to head his office and staff. One of Ernaut’s goals is to open a rural office in Elko.

– Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.