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Past Pages

by Trent Dolan

130 years ago

A great deal of wood is brought into the State from the lands of Alpine County, California, floated down the river in “drives.” At Empire city, in this County a mill known as the Mexican mill. This mill is worked by machinery run by water-power. The said water-power is supplied by a ditch known as “The Spanish Ditch.” Poor locals looked forward to this harvest of wood from the ditch as income. Some two or three years ago the V & T through its directors took the job away and gave it to the Chinese at a lower wage. (continued Thursday)

110 years ago

General Luther A. Buckner died at his home in Winnemucca. General Buckner was a typical Southern gentleman of the old school, brave as a lion, courteous and generous as a prince, and with a high sense of honor; which rendered it impossible for him to commit an ungentlemanly or unmanly act.

70 years ago

Assemblyman Peter A. Amodei’s bill designating October 31 as “Nevada Day” and making it a state holiday is now under consideration by the judiciary committee.

50 years ago

School lunch menu. Monday ” spaghetti and meat, buttered peas, cheese sticks, French bread, milk. Tuesday ” Barbecued wieners, corn, pudding and fruit, bread and butter, milk

20 years ago

A bill that would create a tri-county regional water district for the upper Carson River Basin was introduced by Assemblyman Ernie Alder, D-Carson City. The authority would have greater authority over a larger area.

10 years ago

Most drivers are paying attention to the reduced speed limit through Mound House and are wondering how long it will last.

– Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.