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Trent Dolan

140 years ago

A dispatch from Mr. John Piper informs us that Mrs. Bowers, the celebrated actress now playing in Virginia City, will appear at the Carson theatre next weekend supported by Mr. M. Calloni and Piper’s Dramatic Troupe. Two dollars for reserved seats.

130 years ago

Memorial Day. The Oration by General Sabin. “As we scatter fresh spring flowers above the graves of our fallen comrades, whose lives went out in the red heat of battle, there arises within our hearts a feeling of sadness and regret for the fallen; for manhood struck down in full strength; for life cut short in its full glow and beauty; and our hearts go out in sympathy for kindred mourning their unreturning loved ones … ”

100 years ago

The state is advertising for contracts to furnish fire protection to the State Capitol Building. This is among the much-needed improvements. The fact that the state water pressure registers abut 80 pounds gives an adequate supply.

70 years ago

The Red Cross sewers have moved their activities from the basement of the civic auditorium to the Senate Chambers in the Capitol Building, Mrs. R.B. Jeppson, chairman, announced today. It is hoped many more women will take an interest in war work.

50 years ago

Scholarship winners from the University of Nevada’s 1963 class include: Andrew W. Gotelli, Susan Doherty, Vicki L. Bullis, Keith L. Lee, and Mike Griffin.

20 years ago

(Photo Caption) Students from St. Teresa Elementary School stand and shout as they are introduced at the graduation ceremony. About 600 students passed the 17-week DARE program sponsored by the Carson City Sheriff’s Department.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.