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Trent Dolan

130 years ago

(Continued from Sunday). In an outrage, the Stranger went in to complain to Charlie Sharp. Charlie replied, “My dear sir, I can easily explain your listener’s apparent discourtesy, for he is the individual who drove Greely and you are fortunate for escaping as easily as you did. He has heard the story so often, that it has unbalanced his mind. He has killed several men for repeating it, and in each instance the judge has acquitted him on the ground of justifiable homicide.”

100 years ago

About 20 people visited Glenbrook yesterday and put in the day fishing. They all returned with their limits of the speckled beauties. The fishing at present is reported to be the best in several seasons.

70 years ago

Seen, Heard, or Thought: By E.T.C. To date we have experienced Pearl Harbor and Dutch Harbor. In the amount of damage done and casualties, there is no similarity between the two Japanese air raids. Dutch Harbor did nothing more than test our defenses in the Aleutian Islands. Dutch Harbor did teach us that the Japanese will attack anywhere there are American Armed Forces.

50 years ago

Hank Monk, the fabled hero that drove Horace Greeley from Carson City to Placerville and Carson City’s first public relations agent, was too busy to comment today on the weather.

20 years ago

A bubble designed to shelter the city’s outdoor pool during winter months would cost considerably more that originally estimated.

10 years ago

The Nevada State Museum Under One Sky exhibit opens.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.