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Trent Dolan

130 years ago

At a very early hour on Sunday at the Atlanta mill at Silver City burglars took four hundred pounds of crude bullion. Upon learning of the theft, the mill men and friends started the pursuit. About five hundred yards away they found two hundred pounds of the bullion. The loss will not fall short of $2,000.

100 years ago

A funeral for the late Senator Nixon will be held in Reno with a special train being run form this city for those who wish to attend. The body arrived from the east this morning and was met by the governor. Remains were accompanied from Washington by a delegation from the two houses in one of the most impressive funeral cortege ever assembled.

70 years ago

Many Carsonites felt an earthquake at 3:57 yesterday afternoon. Prof. Walter S. Palmer of the University of Nevada said that the shock undoubtedly was the most severe felt since the Pleasant Valley earthquake of 1913. As the seismograph had not been in operation since the school was closed in May, the epicenter could not be determined.

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50 years ago

The first edition of the fabulous Sioux City Iowa Cowboys softball team will appear this Wednesday to play Murdock’s all-star team. The Cowboys show proves to be one of the funniest ever seen.

20 years ago

Luther Boller, Dixie Dickerson, Charles Larkin, Richard Moreno, Angela Schmidt, James Thorpe and Shelly Turner are nominated for the Carson City Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year award.

10 years ago

Flag Day will be celebrated in the saddle on “C” Hill this year.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.