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Sue Ballew

153 Years Ago

Territorial Enterprise, Carson City, Nevada Territory June 1860 (Pyramid Lake War): “We have been permitted to make the following extracts from a letter from Dr. Ormsby to Mrs. W. M. Ormsby, giving an account of the discovery of his brothers’ remains. —Ed.

Camp Ormsby, June 3, 1860, — Dear Sister: “ … The Indians in great numbers attacked us from behind deep gulches … I suppose the fight lasted two or three hours … Captain Storey is mortally wounded … One of the greatest things for you, my dear sister, is the discovery of the Major’s remains … This day we are burying him with military honors. The Carson City Guards, together with two companies of regulars attended, and Capt. Stewart conducted the ceremonies … Captain Stewart calls this “Camp Ormsby” in honor of the Major. Signed, W. S. Ormsby.”

140 Years Ago

Col. Rosser: Six, and we don’t know, but a dozen beautiful chimneys adorn Col. Rosser’s new stone block … Maybe someone will sneer at this notion of beautiful chimneys, but if they act as well as they look, they will be voted beautiful indeed — for handsome is that handsome does.

130 Years Ago

All sorts: A gang of drunken young men were making night hideous in the vicinity of a house of prostitution in the rear of the Ormsby House … It’s about time the police were looking after these shameless hoodlums.

120 Years Ago

Nevada’s first lady lawyer: Laura M. Tilden, daughter of Judge M. C. Tilden of Virginia City, passed a most creditable examination and was admitted as an attorney and counselor in all the courts. Miss Tilden is the first lady to be admitted in this State and the youngest female lawyer in the world, being only 22-years-old.

70 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Carson Theatre: ‘Desert Victory’ — That great picture of our fighting forces in Africa. It’s the best picture yet to come out of this war.”

50 Years Ago

A three-man delegation from Nevada, Sens. Alan Bible and Howard W. Cannon and Rep. Walter S. Baring got out an invitation to members of the press to visit Bible’s office for the Washington kick-off of Nevada’s celebration of its centennial as a state …

30 Years Ago

Joan Rivers agreed to become the sole guest host for Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show.” She will be taking over for Carson during his nine weeks of vacation …

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.