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130 Years Ago

Killed a wild cat: Mr. Cohoe, superintendent of the Voltaire mine was out hunting jack rabbits and encountered a wild cat which he brought to a stand still with a charge of No. 5 shot. The animal was of the beautiful spotted variety and measured three feet six inches from tip to tip. Spring chickens in that vicinity will have a better chance in the future.

120 Years Ago

Fury Rafetto was married to Miss Rosa Thomas, considered the prettiest girl in Ormsby County… There was a royal old supper after the ceremony by Father Sheridan… Mr. Rafetto is one of the leading ranchers of Ormsby County.

70 Years Ago

Blind detector: Julius Cota is one of the best airplane detectors on the Pacific coast. With the intensified hearing that comes to the blind he is able to identify the type and make of plane by the noise it makes … Escorted to and from his post of airplane spotter is by his “seeing-eye” dog.

50 Years Ago

Band donation: The Carson High School varsity band was richer by $100 as a result of a donation from the local 20-30 club. The check was presented to band director Al Saliman … The band fund was instigated to raise money to send the 100-piece aggregation to attend the East-West Shrine football game in San Francisco.

30 Years Ago

Television: Barney Miller, Charlie’s Angles, Odd Couple, MASH, Dallas.

10 Years Ago

Walker Lake level is down to two feet. A group of environmentalists, Native Americans and Mineral County officials are asking for assistance as the fishery there is in danger of dying.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.