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130 years ago

On any warm, pleasant afternoon the bicyclist of Carson gather in force on the Capitol square and they soon begin their astonishing feats with the winged wheel, a crowd of spectators collect. The riders in this city are Hume Yerington and Ernest Hall. Mr. Yerington is considered the leading exponent of the science in Carson and is looked upon by the rest with reverence (continued on Tuesday).

100 years ago

From all indications everything is quiet at Ely. Word has been received that Captain Donnelly of the State Police has the situation in charge. Donnelly arrived with four officers and ninety men at McGill and met with Governor Oddie. Quiet prevails on both sides.

70 years ago

According to State Sen. Walter Cox, the government is going into dehydrated foods in a big way. Twenty-five pounds of potatoes can be dehydrated to two pounds. With this process, a transport plane can carry as much stuff as 20 ships.

50 years ago

A New Empire deer hunter was found early this morning after spending a cold night in the hills. The Sierra Group Rescue (jeep patrol) was called this morning to look for the man who was found riding his horse along Highway 50.

20 years ago

Actress Shirley Booth, the bossy maid in TV’s “Hazel” passes away. She was 94.

10 years ago

The Nevada State Railroad Museum was swarming with rail fans in the 2002 symposium prepared for a walking tour of sites above Glenbrook.

•-Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.