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130 Years Ago

Blackleg: The cattle disease, blackleg, is caused by a cane shaped parasite which enters the blood through the digestive organs… It was not at first supposed to be dangerous to man. The disease has been prevalent among the cattle in the eastern part of the State, and now a number of Indians in the valleys are suffering from something which resembles blackleg. There is scarcely a doubt that it is now affecting the Indians as they have been eating freely the meat of cattle which were infected.

120 Years Ago

Political rabies: There are times when a political gang get the rabies like a dog and froths at the mouth, foam flying from their lips, eyes glassy, bark hoarse and step unsteady. Such is the condition of the county ring today…

70 Years Ago

Metals tabs for 1943: Auto license plates will be metal tabs for 1943… The use of regular steel license plates is prohibited by the government and so a small metal tab, approximately two by three inches in size will be used in the registration of pleasure cars and commercial vehicles in 1943… They will cover the number 1942 and show a light red background with a light orange figure…

50 Years Ago

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Furlong of Carson City are parents of a boy born on November 1.

30 Years Ago

Fallout: According to Dr. Robert E. Anderson, a pathologist for the University of New Mexico Medical Center, who is a government witness in the trial of a damage suit filed by residents of three western states says that doses of radiation were well below 50 rads, the dose that creates leukemia.

10 Years Ago

Citywide zoning change was approved by Carson City supervisors that will allow the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Nevada to relocate into a residential neighborhood. The club’s relocation is to a new 17-acre parcel.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.