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130 Years AgoRailroad shop: The Virginia and Truckee machine shop is having considerable activity… The Merrimac is ready for the road with a 40-ton engine of the Mogul pattern with six connected driving wheels. Esmeralda No. 4 is being repaired, and its running gear made over. The Churchill, a narrow-gauge engine from the C & C, is in the stocks… The narrow-gauge engines are run on a flat-car at Mound House provided with a narrow track.120 Years AgoThanksgiving exercises in Miss Wagner’s class: Two Notable Thanksgivings by Frank Dobbs, Raymond Furlong and Ed. McDonald. Recitations, We Thank Thee by Daisy Tweedy, Frank Meder, Liva Bartine, Willie Circe and Ida McCarty…70 Years AgoGas rationing: An applicant for a gas rationing card handed the clerk five rubber strips bearing number on which the serial numbers had been stamped. “It said in the paper to take the serial numbers off your tires… I had a hard time cutting them off without cutting the tires.” He got his rationing card but is wondering how he can paste those numbers back on the tires… 50 Years AgoPresident Kennedy’s visit to Nevada: President Kennedy’s visit to the Nevada Test Site Dec. 8 will be the first time an “in office” chief executive has come to Nevada since President Roosevelt dedicated Hoover Dam in 1936… The White House announced that he would inspect the Atomic Energy Commission’s Project Rover test site… • Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.