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130 Years Ago

Tramps in a haystack: Two tramps applied at Meyer’s ranch for food… They were given a liberal supply of bread, meat and milk and devoured enough to have supplied a family for a week. They left and Meyer’s became aware of a mysterious disappearance of supplies… chickens and a calf disappeared. He was walking through his haystacks a few days later and his bull dog tunneled into one of the stacks. A moment later the farmer was astonished to hear yells of pain from the inside of the stack as the dome of hay swayed back and forth… then the dog came out with the tramp in his teeth.

120 Years Ago

All sorts: A Methodist minister in Ohio has been jailed for horse stealing… Probably the owner of the horse owed him for pew rent…

70 Years Ago

Mr. and Mrs. George Meyers and daughter Georgia will have dinner guests for Thanksgiving… Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schulz, Mrs. Margaret Quinlan, Miss Katherine Dunfield…

50 Years Ago

Photo caption: Senior Class Play – Cathy Richards and Tara Romaggi are shown in rehearsal for “Great Caesar’s Ghost.” The play is to be presented by Carson City High School senior class…

30 Years Ago

Prince William, heir to the British throne has blond hair, not red. “It’s blond,” Princess Diana told a crowd during a tour of Wales with husband Charles, Prince of Wales…

10 Years Ago

A new nonsmoking building costing $15,000 appears on the ground of the Legislature– a 10 by 10 foot enclosure… The building is the answer to the long conflict between smokers and nonsmokers.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.