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130 years ago

The smartest cat in the state is probably to be found at Wagner’s Grocery Store. A few days ago Mr. Muller arranged a trap with a deadfall, weighted with water for rats. Whenever a rat would “splash,” Muller would set the trap. The other day when the “splash” occurred, she went up and set it herself. Now the cat sits all day near the trap and sets the trap with her paw. She never once thinks about all the tempting groceries around her, but attends to the trap and lets Muller sell the goods.

100 years ago

This afternoon a case of smallpox was discovered when the little fellow walked into a physician’s office. The matter caused a great deal of comment, as this county was absolutely unprepared for the emergency. The pest house maintained in this city has gone to ruin.

70 years ago

The 10,500-ton Liberty ship, The Key Pittman, is now in an outfitting dock after being christened by Mrs. Pittman, widow of the late Nevada U.S. senator. The ship was launched two days ahead of schedule.

50 years ago

(Photo Caption) Twenty six of these Dodge Interceptor, four-door, 383-cubic-inch engine police cars painted with white doors and white tops are to be delivered to the Nevada Highway Patrol within the next few days by Phil Roventini of State Motors. The 30 units cost $70,000.

20 years ago

Calling the existing organizational structure laughable, Gov. Bob Miller commits to streamline state government despite protests from lawmakers and bureaucrats.

10 years ago

Today it is expected to be sunny, with temperatures not much above 30 degrees. A cold wind blows as sledders in Kings Canyon enjoy some cold, packed snow.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.