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130 Years Ago

The Spreckles Rob: The Chronicle has been making a fight against the Claus Spreckles Sugar monopoly. Spreckles costs two and a half cents per pound over Eastern importers and has made a agreement with the Central Pacific Railroad Company which enables him to extract two and a half cents more per pound for sugar from the people of California than Eastern importers charge. The railroad which was intended to be a boon to California, is simply converted into a shield for the members to rob…

120 Years Ago

Ex-Governor Blasdel: No man is better posted on the silver mines in the state of Nevada. When Nevada was admitted as a state into the Union in 1964, Mr. Blasdel was elected its first governor. He says: “Nevada is not prospering but on the other hand, is retrograding. The mines that have been worked for 30 odd years are nearly exhausted, the big bonanzas have been worked out and the low price of silver caused the abandonment of many mines…”

70 Years Ago

Exchange: Radio owners will be required to turn in old radio tubes when purchasing new ones during the war.

50 Years Ago

America’s closing the space gap: 1962 will go down as the year of five spacemen. The men were three Americans and two Russians who rode rockets into orbit around the earth…

30 Years Ago

Gov. List will turn over cartons of his office records to the State Archives placing a 25-year restriction on public access – following the policy of former Gov. Mike O’Callaghan… State Archivist Guy Rocha said it was tradition for the governor to send his public records, not his private documents and the law is vague regarding public access…

10 Years Ago

Bush family Christmas: Three generations of the presidential family woke up Christmas morning, sat down for brunch of pancakes and waffles… In addition, the military and civilian employees assigned to Camp David were invited to have Christmas dinner at the retreat…

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.