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130 Years Ago

“Uncle Tom’s Cabin:” The first evening eight ferocious bloodhounds, a trick donkey and a full company presented the play to a packed house. Eva was there as natural as life. She died and went up to heaven… she was strung on a wire with some angels. Topsey was dressed in a gunny sack and the bloodhounds nearly ate up Eliza.

120 Years Ago

Quick adjournment: While the Senate was in session a big light of glass blew in accompanied by gusts of polar air… Someone moved for an adjournment and the room cleared in less than 10 seconds. The Assembly was in session and a chimney on the Capitol was blown over and hit the roof so hard as to give the impression the dome had taken a tumble… Panic was averted and the meeting adjourned.

70 Years Ago

Universal rationing control: The Office of Price Administration predicts progressive tightening of rationing controls during 1943 until every item of daily consumption is restricted… Canned goods, meat, butter, cheese…preserves. There will be nationwide liquor rationing later in the year.

50 Years Ago

Redondo Beach, Calif. (UPI) A machine suffering from hallucinations collapsed into hysteria and spewed out 1,600 plastic reindeer in front of a frightened little boy. The machine is supposed to ring bells, flash red and green lights and deliver one reindeer-all for a dime.

30 Years Ago

A green light was given to resurrect the SS Tahoe which was scuttled in 400 feet of water in Glenbrook Bay… To be used it as a tour boat…

10 Years Ago

$300 million needed for the Carson City bypass was authorized by the Nevada Transportation Board… including $90 million to finish the first phase from Arrowhead Drive to Highway 50 East…

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.