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130 years agoDan DeQuille is poking fun at Carson Society. It is evident he has never been initiated into it, or he would speak of it with profundity of respect of which it is entitled. It is currently reported that the members of the Senate are going to give an invitation ball before the close of the session. It will be Tuesday, Feb. 27, two days before the close of the session at the Ormsby House.100 years agoThis morning the local train for Reno found trouble at Lakeview. Two engines pulled out this morning with a heavy train and while handling the big load engine No. 26, the heaviest on the V&T, went off the track at the Lakeview spur. It resulted in the engine sinking into the ooze giving a lot of trouble.70 years agoSenator Walter Cox of Lyon County was “decorated” yesterday. After a while he discovered what happened and magnanimously “decorated” Newsman Frank Hemlick — without his knowledge. In the course of a half hour a friend called Frank’s attention to his “decoration” — a sticker bearing the word, “Bull.”50 years agoFour Carson High School graduates have been elected to dormitory offices in recent living group elections. Kathy Wick was elected treasurer, Karen Bone was elected social chairman, and Kathy Owens, former “Miss Carson City” was named inter-dorm representative. All live in Manzanita Hall.20 years agoState Wildlife Director William Molini has concerns on the effect state reorganization will have on his agency.10 years agoTahoe ski resorts are cracking down on fraudulent ski pass holders. Since Feb. 7, the sheriff’s office has detained nine people for skiing for free.• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.