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130 years ago

Hub Parker’s report contains the following: The fragmentary remains of a Chinaman found on the Humboldt river and considered by his countrymen as unfit to ship to the Flowery Kingdom together with the fact of dead fish floating nearby, and exploded giant powder cartridges scattered about, evidenced the Celestial’s merited fate. There is no more industrious officer in the State than our live and enthusiastic Fish Commissioner.

100 years ago

A general investigation regarding the death of Bodie Steptic, who lost his life in the Mexican mine a few days ago, is being held in Virginia. It appears that some excessive carelessness was indulged in from the fact that the man was allowed to fall from the cage. It appears the gates to the cage were not in place when the men were hoisted.

70 years ago

Hawthorne’s school children have been ordered to remain home for 10 days and the town’s theatre closed for the same period, basketball games canceled and medical authorities are closely monitoring all who have contact with one case of spinal meningitis discovered in town.

50 years ago

Kitzmeyer’s Drug split 2-2 with Custom Auto Body with N. Sweetland, 185, and M. Pardini at 492 for the Druggists and P. Gotelli, 194 and A. Gesberg, 483, for the Body Shop in bowling. The Nugget beat Hamm’s Beer 3 to 1.

20 years ago

A representative of Don Laughlin, owner of the 660-room Riverside Casino in Laughlin, has discussed the purchase of the Ormsby House hotel-casino.

10 years ago

The head of Nevada’s Mental Health and Development Services division says only half of the people in Nevada needing mental health services are getting it.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.