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130 years ago

The Carson Guard may justly claim the honor of having given the most successful Bal Masque (Masquerade Ball) ever given in the state. The hall was packed with masquers and spectators and the affair from beginning of the grand march until the last couple glided out the back door was jolly and enjoyable. The music was excellent, and decorations of the hall in good taste.

100 years ago

The Capitol Removal bill as presented by the Humboldt boys have touted their claim and have not made others compromise in the issue. The people of Humboldt can feel satisfied that they have made a clean fight without brass bands.

70 years ago

Army officials disclosed today that a four-motored plane dubbed the “Flying Dutchman of the Skies” crashed in Mexico on February 9 after a flight of about 2,000 miles. The crew bailed out when the plane became unmanageable. The plane apparently righted itself until it ran out of fuel.

50 years ago

(Photo Caption) Miss Carson City Vickie Hart gets into the western swim in preparation for the Nevada Jaycee Convention April 12-14.

20 years ago

It was a bovine miracle. One of Larry Goldstein’s white cows was grazing happily in a field off Billy’s road near Minden when she was shot with a pellet gun in the neck. The bullet went in one side and out the other. She did not require treatment. “It was a miracle it didn’t hit anything vital,” said Goldstein.

10 years ago

The Carson City Emblem Club doesn’t have an identity crisis, but the club president says many don’t even know it exists.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.