Bill Dolan

120 Years Ago

YESTERDAY afternoon a Washoe Indian loaded down with whiskey was passing through Chinatown when he attempted to invade the Chinese temple. Admiring a bronze god he was knocked down by an incense lamp swung at an old high priest. Last night the Indians were getting ready for a raid on Chinatown.

100 Years Ago

YESTERDAY Adam Burali before the District Court in Lyon County had a verdict of murder in the first degree. He is now standing in the shadow of the gallows. He shot and killed a fellow countryman named Angelo Zari in cold blood in front of Joe Venassi’s saloon. Zari had asked him to pay for a horse he had ridden to death.

70 Years Ago

PRIVATE funeral rites in Virginia City for Mrs. Josie Nichol, 72, who lived there for 60 years, during many of which she taught music.

50 Years Ago

JOHN Nevers, resident of the Carson Indian Colony has been appointed manager of the Washoe Indian Ranch in Carson Valley. He is the father of John Nevers, Jr., Marine killed in action on the Korean war front. He is also a World War veteran. John Rupert is now secretary-treasurer of the Colony.

20 Years Ago

NEVADA Taxpayers Assn. is recommending the Nevada Legislature “stay in course,” in the 1981 tax plan. They were a force in developing the 1979 and 1981 tax plans.

10 Years Ago

PRIVATE memorial service of Emma Lee Bowers, a Fallon resident for eight years, Carson for 29 and was appointed secretary of the Nevada Day committee in 1955 serving for nine years, through the Nevada Centennial. Son, Millard, of Carson and daughter, Joann Spencer of Fallon, survive. Former reporter Fallon Eagle newspaper.