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Past Pages 6-21

by Trent Dolan
For the Nevada Appeal

130 years ago

The Bodie Standard says there was never so much building as is going on at this time. That doesn’t sound like the camp is “played out.” One wouldn’t take a family, even on the chance of gaining riches, to a town where “a decent woman hardly dares to appear on the street.” Such a state of affairs is highly deplorable even in a new camp.

100 years ago

The Methodist Episcopal congregation of this city under the leadership of Rev. Mr. Hornaday has prepared an elaborate jubilee program for tomorrow when the rebuilt church will be dedicated formally.

70 years ago

“I feel fine and fit. My health is good. I take pretty good care of myself and exercise,” said E.P. Carville, governor. After being chief executive of Nevada for nearly six months – a period that is particularly strenuous for any man. Most of his trips from the governor’s mansion and the Capitol are made on foot exchanging friendly greetings with his rapidly increasing acquaintances in the capital city.

50 years ago

The state gaming control board today deferred application for 10 slot machines at Mt. Montgomery pass in Mineral county, after board member William Sinnott reported Nevada vice lord Joe Conforte owned the operation. The license was sought by Harry S. Nihel, who said he owned 100 percent of the operation.

20 years ago

Carson City did not fail to follow its own policy regarding selection of services for extending Arrowhead Drive, according to a U.S. Inspector General’s investigative report on a $1.5 million Economic Development Administration grant. In 1987 Supervisor Ron Swirczek called for the federal investigation following a grand jury report.

10 years ago

Boys and Girls Club of Western Nevada are hovering near phones expecting to close escrow on 17 acres of land on Lompa Lane and Carmine Street. The club expects to open a new home there.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.