Past Pages April 21 |

Past Pages April 21

Trent Dolan


Hank Monk has been waiting for some weeks to find a pleasant day, a nice balmy day such as one might utilize to ride over the country in. From certain weather signs, Hank was led to believe yesterday was going to be something gorgeous. With this idea in view, he drove out early in the morning to go to Saint’s Rest. By noon and half way up, he gave up with signs of a storm. (Saint’s Rest was a stage stop on the road to Tahoe, named after early LDS settlers).


A great deal of interest has grown in Virginia City and here between the firemen of Carson and the Comstock boys. The press of Virginia City has taken up the matter and indicates the Lode firemen will show the local boys something that they will remember for some time. Many of the old time firemen are spinning yarns of the races held on the Comstock and at Treadway’s park in this city during the days of the big picnics when thousands of Comstockers gathered here weekly for a day of pleasure and recreation at the famous old park.


Winter conditions over the Sierras still close Kit Carson, Ebbetts and Sonora Pass roads through the Sierras.


Dutch Mill bowlers maintained a slim lead in league play over the Lucky Strike team with one week to play. Stan’s Windmill kegierettes stayed hard on the heels of the leaders by beating Morris Motors two games. Electric Service won two from Gilbert Drug.


A tourist railroad in Carson City would pump $100 million a year into the local economy, a benefit assessment survey has revealed.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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