Past Pages Dec. 5 |

Past Pages Dec. 5

Trent Dolan


Mixed Theatricals: The wildcats, the grizzly and the dog gave a sort of a performance at Moore’s Theater. The bear thought a painted tree on the backdrop was the real thing and started to climb it, bringing down the house, literally (and the tree). The lynx came out with the dog, but the dog declined to fight anything less than the grizzly. When the dog and the bear got into a tussle, the bear made a getaway, with a few citizens climbing the stage to help restore order. Our good citizens were then thrown into the orchestra pit like the cascade above Emerald Bay. Just as our more solid citizens headed for the door, order was restored and the bear started in with some comical antics it had been recently taught and the performance was closed.


(Advertisement) Oriental Drug Store and Medical Company. No. 206 between Second and Third and Valley St. Has been opened by Mr. Jeang Kee, assistant to the noted Chinese Physician of the Emperor’s Army, and cures all diseases of the human flesh with herbal remedies prepared by himself. All work guaranteed.


Special automobiles are ordered for Army under a $1.3 million contract with Ford and a $1.4 million contract with the American Bantam Car Company. The new auto will be equipped with four-wheel drive and be capable of traveling over extremely rough terrain and go as high as 60 miles per hour.


A proposal to offer home delivery of the U.S. Mail will be heard at the Gardnerville Town Board meeting Thursday.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.̐