Past Pages for Nov. 30 |

Past Pages for Nov. 30

Sue Ballew

130 years ago

Cold wave. People are arriving at the conclusion that the weather was never this cold this time of year. J. Frost, Esq., has taken up quarters early as a visit from Providence to punish the state for going Democratic.

100 years ago

A Manhattan citizen has been in the most shocking accident when died as the result of falling down a well. The water company manager was descending into the well when a boulder ten feet from the top gave way sending him to the bottom. There is no telling how long the man suffered before his death.

70 years ago

The state park service plans to collect and preserve articles of archaeological value. F.M. Wheeler, park service archaeologist, said the state has experienced the loss of valuable materials to other states and collections.

50 years ago

Ski instructors are needed for 220 Carson Comets, sponsored by the Ormsby-Carson Recreation commission in conjunction with the junior ski program.

20 years ago

The Nevada Air Guard will leave for the Persian Gulf this week with Assemblyman Jim Gibbons, R-Reno, who will fly a Phantom F-4 on photo reconnaissance missions.

10 years ago

Bob and Rob Cashell apply for gaming license for the Topaz Lodge.

• Sue Ballew is th e daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.