Past Pages for Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016 |

Past Pages for Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016

Sue Ballew

150 Years Ago

Ceremonies, cornerstone of the Mint: There was a large attendance of Masons and others preceded by the Euterpe Brass Band. Senators Nye and Stewart and the Judges of the Supreme Court formed part of the procession. Col. Taylor opened the ceremonies by announcing the invitation to the Grand Lodge. J. C. Currie, Esq. performed the solemn ceremony. Following is one of the songs that were sung (in part) —

Opening Ode.

“Place we now the Corner Stone —

True and trusty, brothers own —

Let us bring, with hearts sincere,

Hands to help and voice to cheer.

Provided by the Grand Master’s hand,

Long may this foundation stand!

May its superstructure rise

In grace and beauty ‘neath the skies!”

130 Years Ago

The Chestnut Bell: In the East practical jokers have inflicted upon suffering people a nuisance in the shape of a “chestnut gong.” It is a little instrument that is attached to the vest and by touching a small spring the gong makes a peculiar noise — which is very annoying. Young men take delight in ringing the gong when they hear an old story or song. The little instrument has been declared a nuisance and arrests have been made for springing it in public places. It is more grating to the ears than the continual yelling of the “hokey pokey.” People of Sacramento are in for a siege that is more troublesome than an epidemic of the measles. (Sacramento Bee)

110 Years Ago

All sorts: B. J. Sweetland has purchased the Ozark building and will put it into shape for a vaudeville theatre.

The grasshopper pest has appeared in Carson Valley. John Dangberg’s alfalfa field has suffered depredations from a visit of the lively insects.

70 Years Ago

Forthcoming Book: Jock Taylor, at one time associated with the Appeal, has entered an agreement to complete a book, partly written 20 years ago. Some of the funniest sections will be devoted to his recent experiences as editor of the Territorial Enterprise.

50 Years Ago

To test electric car: Ford Motor Co. will test a prototype electric powered car in England. Ford is experimenting with a lightweight, sodium-sulfide battery. One charge might give the range of a tank full of gasoline and the car might be competitive with today’s gasoline-powered vehicles within five years … If this happens, battery stations might displace gas stations.

20 Years Ago

Photo caption: Then & now — The J. D. Roberts House, 1207 N. Carson St., is shown about 1873-74. The Gothic revival house was built in 1859 in Washoe City and was moved to Carson City in 1873 on a V & T, Railroad flatcar.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.