Past Pages for Tuesday, March 20, 2018 |

Past Pages for Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sue Ballew

150 Years

Caged: Abrahams Fruit and Cigar Store was entered by some scamp who attempted to open the money drawer with a chisel. We have one word of advice to our thieving neighbor. You are better known than you imagine. The safest course of procedure left is to make yourselves as scarce as possible. Mind what we say.

140 Years Ago

The Railroad Ball: A great throng of beautiful and fashionably attired ladies, and a general good and pleasant time, was had by all. For the past six weeks the attaches of the Virginia & Truckee Railway Co. have been making preparations for their annual ball. Persons well versed in the matter of beautifully decorated halls and devoted to the votaries of Terpsichore were laboring to render the appearance of Theater Hall into a fairy bower. Mirrors, paintings, engravings, flags and canary birds were borrowed and collected. The decorators unrecognizably metamorphosed the hall. Attached to the veranda of the brick building on the corner of Proctor and Carson streets was a large locomotive headlight, and another was placed near the entrance to the hall. This produced a light equally as bright as that of the noonday sun. (To be continued on Wednesday).

130 Years Ago

Marbles: Carson boys spin tops and play marbles by the aid of the electric light. Now when the light goes out temporarily, the kids grab the marbles that are handiest and when the light comes on again, the players have lit out.

100 Years Ago

Classified ads: “Chix — Barred Rocks, R. I. Reds, Orphingtons, Anchoras, Minorca, Leghorne, Campines … Encock Crews; Seabright, Cal.”

70 Years Ago

Dorothy Crosby: Members of the sewing club were entertained by Mrs. Dorothy Crosby at her home at the veterans housing project in the Valley Park addition. Members include Mesdames Peggy Glover, R’Gene Williams, Margaret Hayes, Lorraine Mathews and Louise Peck.

20 Years Ago

Silver Saddle Ranch: Carson City officials are working with Bureau of Land Management to decide the future of the Silver Saddle Ranch. The 704 acres, owned by Bertha Menzi Merchant, were sold to the BLM for $5.3 million.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column from 1947 until his death in 2006.