Past Pages for Tuesday, May 6, 2014 |

Past Pages for Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sue Ballew

140 Years Ago

Matt Rinckle, butcher, is building a fine brick structure for the housing of his business on the corner of Carson and Proctor streets. There are sundry piles of brick and sand and unslaked lime — likewise a hose attached to the water works. Some maliciously mischievous person or persons unknown to our informant turned on the water for which the hose is a conduit and placed the hose so that the flow of water would be toward the pile of unslaked lime. We do not hesitate to denounce this as a contemptible trick and to warn its perpetrator that he had better not let Matt Rinckle find him, for Matthew would be apt to punch his head.

Matt Rinckel’s new building promises to be a very slightly one. He comes under the head of “self made.” He proposes to have as complete and commodious a butcher shop in this new structure of his as anybody owns.

130 Years Ago

To test the honesty of your milkman, dip a knitting needle into the milk pitcher. If the milk adheres to the needle, it is pure. If it does not, the fluid is adultered with water (Exchange).

110 Years Ago

Norris and Rowe’s circus met with an accident in the snow shed above Truckee. Two cords loaded with a number of cages containing wild animals was wrecked. A number of animals escaped into the hills and most all were returned, except a tiger. The circus men started after the tiger, its tracks being easily followed through the deep snow. The beast was finally tracked to its hiding place far up in the hill. The keeper was the only one who could get close and had little trouble in putting the chain around its neck and leading it back to the train.

70 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Carson Theater — “What A Woman” with Rosalind Russell and Brian Ahern — This is another of Rosalind Russell’s great comedies. Remember “My Sister Eileen.” Well, this one is even funnier — Community singing and latest news …”

50 Years Ago

Carson City High School seniors deserted the classrooms, but it was all perfectly legal as it is Senior Skip Day. The seniors are free to do whatever they wish. Many of them spend the day at Lake Tahoe.

30 Years Ago

Brenda Burns, chief of custody at the Nevada Women’s Correctional Center, has been named warden of the women’s prison. She assumed the position, replacing Bert Koon.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.