Past Pages for Wednesday, March 21, 2018 |

Past Pages for Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sue Ballew

150 Years Ago

Prostitutes: Barrels were burning in the lot in rear of a house of “gilt fame” on King Street just above the New York Bakery. Firemen directed a copious and lively stream of water upon the burning mass. The house in question, being in range of fire, sustained a considerable wetting, greatly to the wrath of the female tenant. If prostitutes make nuisances of themselves by plying their degraded avocations under the eyes of decent people and families, we hope they may be deluged till they can’t rest.

140 Years Ago

The Railroaders Ball (continued from Tuesday): At 9 o’clock the revelers on foot, in carriages, and omnibuses were making their way to the hall. By 10 o’clock the ballroom was filled. The twitter of the canary birds in cages, which hung around the hall, intermingled with the joyous and pleasant voice of the ladies. The locomotive headlights in the hall assisted the gas jets, and the illumination aided materially in showing off the rich, costly and elegant toilets. At 20 minutes to 10 o’clock, Varney’s excellent band struck up the Grand March. (To be continued on Thursday).

130 Years Ago

A queer accident: John Sweeny had a bull calf born on his place that had a deformed tail. Mr. Sweeny was quite put out at the unsightly appearance so he fastened an iron weight of two pounds to the end of the tail which took the twist out. The scheme worked, and Mr. Sweeny, blowing on a large dinner horn, called in the hired help to witness the success. Suddenly, the calf was possessed of a frisky gamblesome spirit and began to jump about, and giving its tail a sudden switch, off went the two-pound weight and hit Mr. Sweeny a lick under the ear that knocked him off his pins and into the arms of his foreman. The calf scampered off into the field delighted with its trick.

100 Years Ago

Young Glanzman New Soldier: August Glanzman has passed his physical examination and has been assigned to service for the present at Fort McDowell, Angel Island. He has his new uniform, likes the life and is proud to be one of Uncle Sam’s soldiers.

70 Years Ago

Photo caption: Jet bomber and jet fighter — “This is the first photo of America’s modern jet-propelled fighter bomber combination. North American’s P-86 sweptback fighter and B-45 four-jet bomber fly in formation over Muroc Air Base, California. The P-86 is over the 650 class and the B-45 speeds at over 480 mph.”

20 Years Ago

Tin Cup Adventures in Old Washoe City: There is something about a horse trip that resets the mind. There are no cars, no traffic, no email, no faces and no constantly-ringing telephones. Prices — one-day trip, 1-3 people, $75; 4 or more, $60 and an overnight trip for two days is $212.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.