Past Pages Jan. 22 |

Past Pages Jan. 22

Sue Ballew
For the Nevada Appeal


The Ghosts: Governor Kinkead and Judge Leonard attended a seance by Dr. Slade – What follows is the communications that were received by the Appeal – “My Friends: Spiritualism is to the soul of the gentle, dews to the withered flowers; like refreshing rains to the thirsty earth; like food to the hungry; like light and color to the open vision of the blind. It supplies a void in the human soul. It brings nourishing food to the soul. I Dr. Slade am the Spirit of S.D. King.” He took a small accordion and held it under the table with one hand, playing a new tune, and then there was a terrible commotion as the accordion was ripped to pieces. If spirits will only keep up the good work of disintegrating accordions, few people on earth will refuse to join the ranks of spiritualists.


All sorts: Six men started for the Lake Monday on show-shoes. It is not known whether they reached their destination.

W. E. J. Townsend says the mounts are so steep near Lundy that the sunshine slides off and lays in rolls at the bottom.


George Meyers “stole the show” at the Lions meeting with wit and humor in relating incidents leading up to receiving numerous bottles of caster oil from friends among the Lion membership.

The annual president’s birthday ball, held in Ormsby County each year since President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office will be held in the civic auditorium. Miss Evelyn Roeder is chairman of the affair.

50 Years Ago

Brig. Gen. Jack LaGrange of the Air National Guard was guest speaker at Leisure Hour. He stressed the importance of reserve components of the armed services.


The state environmental office will investigate an undetermined amount of fuel spilled at the Fallon Naval Air Station.


A national licensing company wants Carson Visitor’s Bureau to stop using Mark Twain’s image. CMG Worldwide represents the families and estates of celebrities.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.