Past Pages Jan. 23 |

Past Pages Jan. 23

Sue Ballew
For the Nevada Appeal


A Poem by Hank Monk

The Loaded Stick (in part)

The night was cold, the stars looked down

Upon the snow serenely,

While through the streets which crossed the town

The wind was cutting keenly.

Now Dobson’s heart was cold as ice,

His nature mean and greedy.

He grasped a quarter like a vice

And never helped the needy.

He took a stick – ’twas seasoned well

And with some powder filled it.

T’will blow some thieving wretch to –

If so the Lord has willed it.”

Then ‘neath the light of stars divine

He stood and laughed a good while.

Then with that stick of loaded pine

He salted that old wood-pile.

Next day he called on neighbor Brown,

A valued friend and trusted;

Scarce in his chair he settled down

When bang, the old stove busted.

A chunk of iron from the grate

Flew upward to the ceiling,

And falling, smashed old Dobson’s pate

And sent the owner reeling.

The next day the people, one and all,

Quaffed deep the breezy schooner,

And said, “Such men are sure to fall,

He should have died the sooner.


A Carson girl: Blanche Atherton, a Carson girl assumed the leading character in Tennyson’s “Princess.” The Gazette says, “Miss Blanche Atherton’s … character of Princess Ida was perfect and … sustained with a skill that would have done a credit to a star in the profession.”

Blow it off: Jake Olcovich and Lee Corbett tried to blow the snow off the roof of Olcovich’s store with a bunch of fire crackers. The explosion came, but the snow is still there.


Some of the old papers to be preserved in the old mint when it is converted into the state museum are records of employment during the building’s construction in the 1860’s. A time book was found in the old carpenter shop, brought to light was a time book containing entries for the period May 15 to December 11.


Casinos battle IRS over seizure of employee tip records. Nevada resorts are complying with program to reveal tips of blackjack dealers, cocktail waitresses, keno runners and other casino employees who get more than $20 in tips.


Carson City residents line up at Raleys to purchase tickets by legendary British rocker Elton John.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.