Past Pages March 11 |

Past Pages March 11

Sue Ballew
For the Nevada Appeal


Six-shooter on the contribution plate: A pious-looking, nice old party loved to get up so close to the sanctum that the drippings of the truth would fall upon his bald head. The plate was passed around and the man dug into his pockets for change, but instead brought up a six-shooter. He tugged in his pockets again and out came a a half dollar. The man quickly put the half dollar back in his pocket and left the six-shooter in the plate. The sexton now being confused, considered everything on the plate to be sacred, left it and sent the plate with the large IXL six-shooter on it from pew to pew. It reminded several old fellows in the congregation in the habit of paying money at the muzzle of a pistol in the early days. The offertory that day was the largest ever.


Lucky Baldwin: The contract for carrying the mail on Lake Tahoe has been awarded to Lucky Baldwin. He is having a fine fire steamer built at Buffalo, New York … expected that it will eclipse anything for speed and comfort ever seen on Tahoe … hopes it will institute a lively competition for the tourist trade.


President Roosevelt nominated Ernest H. Bath for postmaster at Carson City, Nevada.


Honor Roll: Twelve pupils from Alpha Fifer’s seventh grade class were listed on the honor roll … Howard Ingersoll, Kenneth Reil, Christie Angelo, Linda Doty, Martha Hepburn, Frederica King, Anne Kvam, Donna Moore, Nikki Tyler, Lona White, Cindy Winters.


Governor Sparks home: California artist Maxine Woolman restores former Governor Sparks home. After putting $415,000 into purchase and renovations, Woolman’s private vision now can be seen by motorists driving midway on Highway 395.


Joe Conforte and Mustang are featured on

A & E. In the first interview in years, Joe Conforte accuses federal agents of a vendetta against him.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.