Past Pages May 15 |

Past Pages May 15

Sue Ballew


One of the cyclones which passed over Ohio recently lifted people in the air. A dispatch from Brown’s Station states that a man and woman were seen going over the place at least a hundred yards above the round, the woman being ahead. This is another illustration of the elevation and progressiveness of women in Ohio.

Advertisement: Curious Runaway – A horse belonging to John W. Williams became frightened at a scrap of paper blown across his path and dashed up Carson Street at a breakneck pace. He stopped short and was overtaken by his master. It turned out that he came to a halt on seeing the low prices of the vegetables sold at Rule’s Fruit Stand.


All sorts: Miss Mable French, the teacher from Glenbrook, came down to Carson. Traveling is done by sleigh to Spooner’s.


Carson City Helps with War Relief: “With the invasion of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, the war has entered a phase which will inevitably and at once bring widespread and appalling suffering to millions of helpless men, women and children …” In order to inaugurate relief measures, the American Red Cross is launching a campaign. Carson City is called upon to subscribe $400 for war relief in invaded countries.

Become a TWA airline stewardess: Must be a registered nurse between 21 and 25, between 5 foot 2 and 5 foot 5, weigh between 100 and 125 pounds, and be unmarried. Duties include: handling tickets, serving hot meals, making berths, answering questions. Pay is $2.50 per day, plus $4 daily for expenses.


Louise Blakeslee died at the Rinckel mansion in Carson City. She was the youngest daughter of the late Mathias and Marcella Rinckel, one of five children, Lavena, Frankie and Louise, Mathias and Edward. She was the last member of the well-known Rinckel family. She was born and raised in Carson, graduated from Carson school and the University of Nevada and taught in Nevada. In 1941 “The Remarkable Mr. Andrew” was filmed at the Rinckel mansion which induced her to open her home to the public to let people see the beautiful furnishings, which all came from Paris, the silk and fine laces and jewels worn by her mother.


“Kitty,” a five-month-old Puma, who was abandoned at a local veterinarian’s office, has a new home at the Department of Animal Services. Mike Conklin, director of the Department of animal services said the 40-pound mountain lion was bred for “domestic” purposes.


John Ensign filed for U.S. Senate saying the Yucca Mountain issue is “incredibly important” to Nevadans. GOP presidential contender Gov. George W. Bush of Texas issued a statement saying he would “decide the Yucca Mountain issue on science, not politics.”

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.