Past Pages May 2 |

Past Pages May 2

Sue Ballew

130 Years Ago

The May party: On the first of May about 150 school children of both sexes walked to Thorne’s ranch about two miles from the city. The only drawback to the party was that they forgot to take their May pole. It was therefore a May pole party without the pole, but the party went on. Some children brought their provisions and ate them on the grass, while others thought that food would be provided. The unanimity of this idea came near resulting in a famine. Some provided bread, cake, pies, squashed pie, ginger bread, baked beans, raw onions and four-day old biscuits. Two boys came with a demijohn of sweet cider and another with a gallon of white wine and found themselves the center of attraction and heroes of the hour.

120 Years Ago

Ten in a box: Ah Fong Wong, Chinese undertaker, called at the express office with a long, coffin-shaped box which he wanted shipped to Hong Wong & Co., San Francisco, for $10. The box contained the bones of 10 Chinese people to be sent to the Flowery Kingdom. All the Chinese expected to have their bones finally rest in the land of their nativity …

70 Years Ago

Governor Carville proclaims “Mother’s Day.” “… It has been an established custom to set aside annually, a day devoted to the honoring of our mothers as public expression of love and reverence …”

50 Years Ago

Babe Ruth league teams will start practice sessions. Managers and coaches of the White Sox – Oxoby’s Flying A and Young’s Tidewater Oil Co. – Robert Ridley, George Puddington, Jerry Larsen, Walton Honyumptewa, Frank Schmidt, Jr., Kenneth Tolotti, Ralph Langley, Louis Larsen, Bill Koffler, Bill Murry, Gordon Hunting, John Cochour, Pat Griffin, George Newmoon, Dick Kinnison, Terry Graham and Boo Little.

20 Years Ago

Panel OKs V&T pathway: Jogging, walking or running may soon be a pastime for Carsonites. A gravel trail is planned all the way from Lakeview to Kings Canyon Road.

10 Years Ago

The Children’s Museum is only $8,000 away from a

$1.2 million grant that would allow the museum to build an annex to the building, according to Suzi Meehan, executive director.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.