Past Pages Nov. 21 |

Past Pages Nov. 21

Sue Ballew


A Sad Incident: Llewellen Meder was shot in the side by the accidental discharge of a Winchester rifle which Superintendent Crawford of the Mint was cleaning. Mr. Crawford had been to Swift’s Springs at a turkey shoot. After emptying the magazine of shots, he laid the weapon down on a bench. Supposedly while the gun lay there with several others, one of the shooters picked it up and loaded it thinking it was their own. On his return to Meder’s house where he was boarding, Crawford sat down by the stove to clean his weapon and pushed a greased rag down the barrel. (Continued on Tuesday)


Nye County Indian trouble: A band of Piute Indians were on the warpath in Reese River Valley. Three hundred Shoshone pitched their tents in Raycroft Canyon near Belmont. It was advisable to move wives and children to a safe place at the Belmont Courthouse, and the husbands performed guard duty. Captain John, known by the sobriquet of “Whiskey Johnny,” informed citizens that if the Piutes attempted to interfere with the whites, the Shoshones would join the citizens in downing the Piutes.


Sprouse-Reitz: The grand opening in Carson will take place under the direct of District Manager Joel T. Snyder. The location of the new space was formerly occupied by Burlington and Stafford. The front of the new Sprouse Reitz store on the west side of Carson street is modernized with the latest plate glass window and overhead lighting system first introduced at the New York and San Francisco world fairs.


Coleville girl honored: Suellen Fulstone received one of the nation’s most sought after honors. The 13-year-old girl couldn’t vote in the Nov. 6 election so she took $100 she had saved for raising and selling sheep plus another $50 she won in an American Legion essay and bought time of KOLO-TV in Reno to ask viewers to vote for Kennedy. President-elect Kennedy personally issued his first invitation to the inauguration to Suellen.


Photo caption: Children at Seeliger Elementary School dressed up as Pilgrims or Indians during a Thanksgiving feast. Pictured are Michael Fulghurn and Ryan Wolfram.


Carson Nugget assistant vice president Brad Adams continues Hop and Howard Adams tradition by serving hundreds of people free Thanksgiving dinner … 1500 pounds of turkey, 1000 pounds of whipped potatoes, 1000 pounds of stuffing and 750 pies.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.