Past Pages Nov. 4 |

Past Pages Nov. 4

Sue Ballew


Elections: The pot begins to boil – about noon the froth began to thicken, saloons were closed, but here and there a retail dealer forgot to fasten his back door. Men came out of alleyways wiping their chins. One of Fair’s “colony” from Virginia City began to play the bully near the Ormsby House and was badly mauled by a man, two teamsters got into an altercation near the railroad depot. Rival ticket peddlers chaffed and joked each other on the street. A young tinner, who works for E. B. Rail got into a dispute with a man on the corner of Musser and Carson and was knocked down.


Jim Townsend: Venus has been a beauty all the week. It could take you fifty years to get to her, even if you travel sixty miles an hour … and when you got there you’d find nothing of interest. Don’t run after the fascinating old gal, but let her wink all she wants. Just take our advice and stay at home.


Typing classes: Typewriting I students have completed learning the keyboard. Harriet Parcher had the highest speed at 25 words a minute with one error. Jean McLean and Theresa Bullentini typed 23 words a minute with less than five errors and Lowell Bernard leads the class in accuracy rating.

In typewriting II class, Marion Rabe ranked second with 42 words a minute.


Nevada Day: More than 48,000 persons crowded into Carson City to take part in Nevada’s celebration of the 96th anniversary of its admission. Orvis Reil, chief planning engineer for the state highway department said there were 41,419 persons arriving by passenger cars, while 700 came by bus and plane.


Governor Bob Miller won a four-year term and vowed to meet the challenges associated with the state’s growth … led by a 2-1 margin.


Photo caption: Jennifer Hendricks, wipes off her hands as Brownie Scouts from Troop 211 of Pleasant Valley plant flowers around a tree at the Frost-Yasmer Independent Living Center on East Fifth Street in Carson City.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.