Past Pages Oct. 18 |

Past Pages Oct. 18

Trent Dolan
For the Nevada Appeal


The craze for antique and curiously decorated crockery has broken out hard in Salt Lake. The women take kindly to the craze, the crockery and the cranes. It is the correct thing now for Salt Lake women to slam bowls, cups and saucers at her husband’s head at breakfast, which are colored to represent Chinese nimrods shooting nondescript birds with mountain howitzers (Salt Lake Tribune).


The Minto Opera Company, which played in this city about ten days ago, has gone on the financial rocks at Goldfield. The leading man who managed the treasury has made a getaway. There is a lively rustle for money and the wires are kept warm in an effort by the girls to get away from the Nevada desert before the snow blockades.


The most powerful short wave radio station in the world, capable of being heard throughout the Far East, in Australia and Central and South America, will start broadcasting from San Francisco within the next month. The new station will broadcast with 100,000 watts of power.


It was a busy weekend for Carson City Police. There was an arrest of two minor boys and a man wanted in California. A case of vandalism also is under investigation. The minor boys were brought in for having liquor in their possession. A Lodi man was arrested on a charge of forgery and a parole violation. Sergeant William Furlong said the man was identified through a filing system in the police department.


One hundred Carson City neighbors are banding together to start a Neighborhood Watch Program in the Woodside to Desatoya Drive area from Airport Road to Edmonds Drive following the death of Efran Lopez.


Renovations of the old Carson City courthouse are revealing more than the structural skeleton of a 1920s-era building. Prisoner’s etchings show a rooms one-time use as a holding cell.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.