Past Pages Oct. 23 |

Past Pages Oct. 23

Trent Dolan
For the Nevada Appeal


The opium habit is increasing with terrible strides in this country. Physicians say that four thousand is a moderate estimate of the total number of Native American victims to the vice and these consume 100 grains a day.


The Grand Jury of Humboldt Co., which has under consideration taken up the case of Frank Trammer and says he should be retried for murder. It will be remembered that Trammer and Nimrod Urie killed Mr. and Mrs. Quilici at Imlay about a year ago. Urie was found guilty and is under the death sentence. Trammer was given life, but the people of Humboldt insist he be brought back and hope to hang him for the double crime of robbery.


An 18-year-old Winnemucca youth was the first resident of that county to feel the heavy hand of the law under the new Nevada driver’s license act and for six months will be unable to drive a car. The action came after an accident causing injuries. The county justice of the peace also warned officers to clamp down on the sale of liquor to minors.


Exactly 100 years ago tomorrow the people of Carson City celebrated the new transcontinental telegraph line, but grieved over the termination of a romantic and colorful enterprise – The Pony Express. Historians claim The Pony Express as keeping communication open during the outbreak of the Civil War, when secessionist forces tried to force California to break away, creating a separate republic.


Carson City High School unfairly received a bad mark on the Nevada Department of Education’s report card on math and science education. The report showed high schoolers attending math and science in lower numbers than students in any other county in the state.


Eagle Valley Middle School students are looking at teen idols from different perspective – six feet under. A mock cemetery was set up near the school gymnasium with stars such at Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain and Chris Farley who all died of drug overdoses.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.