Past Pages Sept. 4 |

Past Pages Sept. 4

Sue Ballew


Hot corn: Clem Berry has a voice eminently fitted to yell “hot corn” up a dark alley. His intonations are short, crisp, far-reaching and unmistakable, and his ears of corn, long, succulent, tender and palatable. “Hot! Hot! Hot corn! Sweet! Sweet corn!” His corn is fully up to home cooking, with 684 grains on every ear.

More of Gillis’ Barrel, Part V: Five years later a lot of printers were gathered at a saloon when Prospect Bill told a party of men he was with that he once buried a barrel of whiskey in the woods for safe keeping and forgot where he put it. Gillis perked up and said, “Sort’er in the side of a bank?” “Yes.” “Near a big pine tree!” And then Gillis got ready to relate the circumstances and said: “I was with a party of emigrants years ago perishing from thirst and found that whiskey. It saved twenty lives. We thought Providence had let it right down from heaven. I was saved with the best.”


Easily applied: George Bryson, Sr. was stung on the right hand by three yellow jackets and it began to swell. The old man walked into the Monarch saloon and asked what the best remedy was. He was advised to use whiskey and apply it externally … but did not seem to take. He finally found it convenient to apply the dose through his system … which gave him immediate relief … and was followed by another and another.


Advertisement: West Point of the Air now ready for 12,500 more flying cadets. Best aviation training in the world. $75 per month pay while training … a commission upon graduation. A Second Lieutenant’s Commission in the U.S. Army Air Reserve with active duty pay and allowances ranging from $205.50 to $243.50 per month upon graduation. Basic requirements are excellent physical condition; unmarried; ages 20 to 27; two years of college. Apply at U.S. Army Recruiting Service, County Court House, Carson City, Nevada.


Election Day holiday: Governor Grant Sawyer proclaimed Sept. 5 as Labor Day and Sept. 6 as Primary Election Day and both as state holidays. The governor urged all persons to exercise the ballot in accordance with the best principles of representative government.

Photo caption: Just about every four-year-old and his dog wanted to attend the opening of school. Making a start here are Trent Dolan and dog Ginger, but neither was accepted.


Advertisement: Act III Theater – now playing “Young Guns,” “Darkman,” “Pump up the Volume,” “My Blue Heaven.”


Genoans raise money for court to fight the controversial development at the corner of Nixon Street and Jacks Valley Road … to support Genoa’s lawsuit against Douglas County. The suit seeks to reverse Douglas County’s decision to approve a 12,280 square-foot structure.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.