Permit allowing expanded Evergreen Gene’s approved |

Permit allowing expanded Evergreen Gene’s approved

John Barrette

Carson City’s Planning Commission voted 3-1 Wednesday to expand outdoor retail at Evergreen Gene’s in the Carson Shopping Center.

In reality, the expansion by retail tenant Gene Munnings had already occurred beyond the limits of the special-use permit issued for the shopping center in 2009, and this was an effort to deal with controversy attached to the use of the parking lot for nursery plants and other items.

“For that, we apologize,” said Michael Suglia, Munnings’ attorney. He said the center isn’t a high-volume location on North Carson Street. Evergreen Gene’s is at 1811 N. Carson St., south of Grocery Outlet. Suglia later said Munnings’ actions weren’t out of defiance, but fear of how city government might restrict him.

The special-permit expansion request was issued on behalf of the center, but Suglia acknowledged what was obvious by saying it was on behalf of Munnings’ business.

Bill Horne of the center testified in favor of it, noting he has two tenants at odds over the parking lot and related issues. He was talking about Nevada Gun Exchange and Evergreen Gene’s. He also apologized, taking on some of the blame for violating the existing permit.

“We were in the wrong,” he said. “I allowed it to go on.” He did that, he said, because of the recession and the fact that Munnings brightened up the center with plants while pulling in customers.

He added he felt the plan would help the center.

“It gives back the parking places that were taken by the (retail) display,” he said.

Chester Parks of the gun store and a couple of others associated with it testified against the plan, with Parks’ main objection being the parking situation.

About 10 people and Horne testified in favor of the plan, but it didn’t win approval in the form the center and Munnings wanted.

The parking lot will have a one-way pattern for traffic and confine the displays more than Munnings had hoped for. Whether to appeal will be decided later, Suglia said.

Two commissioners voiced concern about whether if the expanded permit got approved as it eventually did, Munnings might again violate it and the new conditions involved. Suglia assured them that wouldn’t happen. In addition, staffers included a requirement that the commission review the permit in year to ensure of compliance.