Personnel commission orders pay raise for head of NHP |

Personnel commission orders pay raise for head of NHP

(Appeal Capitol Bureau) -The Nevada Personnel Commission has ordered a two-grade pay raise for the head of the Nevada Highway Patrol.

Personnel Director Jeanne Greene said that will add nearly $10,000 a year to David Hosmer’s salary for a total of $105,297 a year.

She said not only had the NHP colonel’s position not been reviewed since 1990, the decision by the governor and 2005 Legislature giving every sworn peace officer in state service a two-grade pay increase created an unexpected disparity. Since agency heads like Hosmer didn’t get the two- grade increase, his majors were increased to the same pay grade as Hosmer. Since they get overtime, that meant they were suddenly making more than he was.

The commission was also told NHP has more than doubled in size since 1990 and has had additional programs added to its responsibilities. Hosmer now commands 423 sworn officers plus a sizable civilian and support staff at NHP.

The vote to raise the NHP Colonel’s position to Grade 50 was unanimous.