Petition would mandate renewable energy in Nevada |

Petition would mandate renewable energy in Nevada

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A group calling itself Nevadans for a Clean Energy Future has filed paperwork to put an initiative petition on the ballot mandating at least half of Nevada electric power come from renewable sources by 2030.

The proposed petition would put the requirement to use wind, solar and geothermal in the state constitution.

Backers say the cost of renewable energy, especially solar, has fallen considerably over the last few years.

Rudy Zamora of the League of Conservation Voters said it actually costs less to get energy from solar or wind power than from fossil fuels.

One of the organizers behind the effort is former State Sen. Randolph Townsend, who served in that body for 28 years and chaired the committee on energy policy.

Townsend said the issue wasn’t partisan when he and Gov. Kenny Guinn began working on energy policy and shouldn’t be now.

“Now it is time to once again take the reins and lead the way, leaving a legacy of clean energy and good jobs including job training and education for generations to come,” he said.

Fellow former State Sen. Warren Hardy said the goal is aggressive but achievable and the majority of Nevadans support it.

“It’s an intelligent approach to attract increased clean energy investment and new clean energy jobs,” he said.

To get the question on the November ballot, backers must collect at least 112,544 signatures from registered Nevada voters. At least 28,136 signers must be found in each of the state’s four petition districts — Nevada’s four congressional districts.

They have until June 19 to submit those signatures to the Secretary of State.