Pets and their owners enjoy Dog Days at Fuji Park |

Pets and their owners enjoy Dog Days at Fuji Park

Sandi Hoover
Sandi Hoover/Nevada Appeal Aura, an Australian shepherd, gets special treatment at the dog wash sponsored by the Sierra Nevada Border Collie Club at Fuji Park on Saturday. Aura enjoys being pampered by, from left, Donna Sullivan, Smantha Serena, 17, and Katrina Anderson.

It was the annual Dog Days of Summer at Fuji Park Saturday as pooches and people turned out to romp in the grass.

“It’s just a fun thing for our clubs to do, to get together like this and bring awareness to people about what kinds of dog events are offered in our area,” said Andrea Minor, event organizer and member of the Quicksilver Agility Club.

“It also encourages responsible pet ownership. These dogs and well-trained and nice to be around,” she said.

“It’s so people can bring their show dogs if they’re just starting out. It’s a good way to get ready for competition and get used to running in public with people watching,” Minor said, laughing.

The morning events included agility fun runs, rally fun matches, conformation fun matches, dog washing and canine good citizenship.

Cynthia Kennedy of Virginia City, who participated with her Australian shepherd, Rave, represented the Northern Nevada Australian Shepherd Club whose 25 or so members practice obedience, agility, herding and rally matches.

“My dog is a lot of fun, that’s why we do this. These are the easiest dogs to train because of the history of their working relationship with man,” Kennedy said.

“This is very social and nice, a great way to make friends and spend a pleasant day with dogs and nice people,” she said.

Cori Meyer of South Lake Tahoe, ran through the agility course with her 9-year-old dog Dora, a Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever.

“They love to work, they’re very sociable and a little bit stubborn, but very loving,” Meyer said.

Although Dora used to be involved in dog events three out of four weekends a month, she is now branching out into dock diving and competitive dog obedience, she said.

The rally event is obedience with a course, said Carrie Demsey.

“It’s all about showing that you and your dog are a team,” she said. “It’s not as strict as regulation obedience.”

Demsey also oversaw the AKC Canine Good Citizenship testing.

Minor said this certification is designed for dogs which might become therapy dogs, for example.

“It’s so that you can be able to take them out into certain public situations, like into a hospital, and be sure they aren’t going to go crashing down the halls and pee on beds,” she said.

Beverly Mobley of Quicksilver Agility Club said the agility run is fun for all types.

“Any breed can do it, even the toys – we drop the bar for them,” she said.

The dog wash, sponsored by the Sierra Nevada Border Collie Club, kept wet and busy throughout the event.

“They love it,” said Judy McQuain.

The Bonanza Kennel Club offered the conformation match – the beauty pageant of the dog world.

Vickie Swarowski, DVM, from Dayton, brought in her pug pups to compete.

“I’m giving my puppies their show experience, training them for the show ring, and it’s good for their socialization,” she said.

She described pugs as “fun little clowns and couch potatoes,” saying that “they have no other purpose than to be your friend.”