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Pi Day celebrated with a pie smash

Teri Vance
Shannon Litz/Nevada AppealDayton High School principal Tim Logan gets hit with whipped cream pies on Wednesday.

Freshman Andrew Stevens, 14, isn’t always happy with the administration at Dayton High School. On Wednesday, he found a way to let his frustrations out – by smashing a pie in the principal’s face.

“It was amazing,” he said. “It’s like payback, but in a good way.”

In celebration of Pi Day – a recognition of 3.14, the mathematical constant denoting the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter – students launched dozens of whipped cream pies at a defenseless Tim Logan.

“The first time I got him in the side of the face,” said Steven Moore, 14. “The second time I rubbed it in his face.”

Logan, in his first year as principal, agreed to carry on the custom created with his predecessor Wayne Workman.

“Part of it is tradition, but also it’s about the camaraderie and fun for the kids and I’m all for that,” Logan said. “I guess it was my time.”

Covered head to toe in whipped cream, though, it didn’t seem like such a good idea.

“It’s slimy and I’m having a hard time seeing and breathing,” he said.

The pie-throwing ceremony was also used as a time to recognized Dayton High School accomplishments, including culinary arts, the leadership team, the yearbook staff and the academic team.

Logan’s son Jared, 13, walked to the high school from the junior high to witness his father’s rite of passage.

“I felt a little bad for him, but it was funny,” he said.

Workman, now the director of human resources for the Lyon County School District, also made a trip to the school.

“This is definitely better than when it happened to me,” he said. “It sure is a lot more fun being a spectator.”

And he had words of foreboding for Logan.

“I was smelling cream for a week up my nose,” he said.